Sunday, July 24, 2011

Funny Book of the Day

Sometimes you *can* judge a book by its cover
Book: Winning Table Tennis: Skills, Drills, and Strategies 

Five-time U.S. singles and 11-time doubles champion Dan Seemiller, possibly the best American table tennis player ever, shares his secrets for top-level play in Winning Table Tennis: Skills, Drills, and Strategies.

Readers will learn the best table tennis techniques, strategies, and conditioning methods for success. The authors provide beginning through advanced players with practical tips that make a difference.

The book features 29 drills for developing better shot-making skills. Seemiller's creative shot and grip innovations will give players an edge. The 124 photos and illustrations make it easy for players to learn the proper techniques and sharpen skills. Plus, the book offers drill variations designed to hone the skills of advanced players and professionals.
Highlights include - various service techniques:
Underspin hook serve, part 1

Underspin hook serve, part 2

And strength training tips:

Parallel squat, part 1
Parallel squat, part 2

Stiff-legged deadlift

Not now chief, I'm in the zone:


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